These Are the AnDroids you are looking for!

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The are the Droids you're looking for

I’ve been a Mac addict since 1995 when I started working full time as a graphic artist. I have worked in both a Windows environment and a Mac environment in a professional setting. After over 18 years I have come to the conclusion that I prefer the Mac. I do, however think that mono-cultures are a bad thing.

In my personal life the machines I have at home and use are Mac and Linux based. I do have a few Windows machines collecting dust but they are either waiting to be stripped of their useful parts or to be converted to a Linux machine. That is not to say I hate the Windows environment. If the hardware is sufficient and the Windows instillation is clean and fresh it can be a pleasant piece of technology to use. But it has been my experience that well running Windows machines are few and far between. I find that Windows users have been trained to be complacent and indifferent to the difficulties Windows machines have.

So when it came time to get a smart phone many of my friends were surprised to find I chose an Android device over an iPhone. I chose the Motorola Moto X smart phone. I have experience setting up other people

’s iPhones and my wife has an iPad so I had some experience with the iOS devices. In my opinion the difference between the Android and iOS systems are not that big, for a non-power user. For all the technical work I do, I am not a power user when it comes to mobile devices. Mostly this is due to my location, in the wilds of Southwest Florida. We have more gators than Starbucks, barely.

After researching the Android system and the different devices available I settled on the Moto X. I have a soft spot for Motorola, having the same Razr flip phone for almost 9 years without issue made me a fan. With all things being equal it boiled down to price. When putting the Moto X up against the iPhone the winner was the Moto X thanks to Republic Wireless.

Republic Wireless offers the Moto X with plans as low as $5 a month. I was able to get a phone for $299 with a monthly plan of only $10 (it turns out to be $12.50 with taxes).

After using the phone for a few months now I can say I like it a lot. I like the wireless service and the phone is great. It does everything I want it to do at the level I expect. The Moto X works great with my Mac & ** machines.

This doesn’t mean I have changed my stance that Mac is the best. It just means that I have room in my heart for more than just one manufacturer.

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