Dana's I.T. Services

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Don’t Lose Everything!!!

The biggest threat to a business is NOT being hacked! The biggest threat is LOSS OF DATA! You have too much time and energy invested in your business to let it disappear over night.

There are computer crashes, SPAMERs, Hackers and website hijackers out there just waiting to take down your website. The two most important things you can do to help protect your site from total destruction is Backup and Maintaine!


An out of date website is like leaving a window open at home. It can invite unwanted guests that can steal information, and destroy your company. Regular maintenance will close and lock that window.


You can’t prevent a computer from crashing and destroying your data. All you can do is be ready with a recent backup. A recent, comprehensive backup can save the day and have your company running in no time.

$2400 For 12 months of Piece of Mind
For one low price you get the following services:

  • Website checked Monthly and Updated as needed
  • Monthly Back Up of your Website Content
  • Monthly Back Up of your Website Settings
  • Weekly Back Up of your Website’s Database
  • 24/7 Website Monitoring

Plus Disaster Recovery

If your site crashes for any reason, I will use the Back Ups to restore your website to its most recent backed up state. With 24/7 monitoring I will respond to any down time and notify you of any incident and what action was taken to correct it.