About Dana Lee Gibson

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I have been a professional graphic designer since 1996. However I started out working in print shops almost ten years before that. This was where I cut my teeth, putting ink on paper. I started as a general assistant in the press room. Eventually I worked my way up to pressman assistant, then to pre-press and finally to the Graphic Design Department. By having first hand knowledge of the actual production of printed materials I have an edge over designers that have only “heard” about the printing process.

From Print to the Web

Years ago I could see the web was going to change everything. I took my experience in the print and publication worlds and applied it to the digital world. Putting all my energy into mastering the technical aspects has been my focus. The art of website design, web hosting, servers, email, FTP servers, local as well as wide area networks is my profession and my passion.

I am proficient on Mac, PC and Linux operating systems.

I am a Skoolie

The wife and I purchased a 1995 International School bus. We are converting it into an RV. We plan on taking it on long trips. Anyone that converts a school bus is called a “Skoolie”. We really like the creative and challenging aspects of the conversion. You can follow our progress at our Skoolie website, The Bus Abides.