My References

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Here are a few references from some very talented people I have had the good fortune to have worked with over the years.

I have worked with Dana on many, many magazine issues. I've found him to be the consummate professional...thorough, skilled, and graceful under deadline pressure. Dana is equally adept at the arty part of graphic design, the grunty part of producing pages, and the techy part of process improvement. And he knows every line from "The Big Lebowski". Really, my ideal colleague.

Dominic Foley
Donald A. Gardner Publishing

Dana is the best kind of collaborator - one who innately understands what you are trying to achieve with any given issue and who delivers an end product that is even better than what you envisioned - it's always what you want, but even better. He's the definition of grace under pressure, always going the extra mile to get the job done. He's also one of the funniest people I know, which is icing on the cake, adding an element of fun to an already pleasurable working relationship.

Darlene Fuhst
Editor, Artist, Adventurist, Bowler</blockquote>

My name is Theresa Payea, I am a Project Manager at The Lane Press, an award winning magazine printer. We have worked with Dana Gibson for many years and I have to say receiving files prepared by Dana Gibson made our job very easy. Dana supplied files a day or even two days early on most occasions, and we were always confident that the files would be prepared to meet our detailed specifications for processing to our presses. Magazine printing requires highly "standardized file formatting in order to facilitate high quality and error free production. Dana's disciplined approach enabled us to always stay on schedule, if not ahead of schedule." Dana has a very thorough understanding of color management, he designs within the boundaries of the commercial printing processes and shows a true understanding of the parameters involved in the process. "It is this understanding that leads his "print products toward the high quality reproduction one would expect. To finish the cycle, he creates the files in perfect magazine specification as requested. Seamless production requires accurate file preparations, but also requires extensive knowledge of SWOP color management and design techniques that will in the end reflect in the final printed piece. Dana is able to excel in all of the categories, from start to finish, and while he is at it, he is always willing to share a positive story or a kind word, to brighten our day.

Theresa Payea
Project Manager at The Lane Press,